Why Riversand?

Start now by taking your first step towards partnering with Riversand - the Only Cloud Omni-domain and Omni-channel MDM Solution providing company. Our partner ecosystem provides all levels of expertise that can help you to tap new opportunities to expand your business. The value of Riversand for your business:

  • Only Riversand offers both MDM expertise and a future-ready data management solution designed to solve not only today’s needs, but also seamlessly transition to managing tomorrow’s challenges.
  • By processing unprecedented levels of information in real-time, Riversand empowers our customers to manage the tremendous increase data volume, variety and velocity and scale across a multitude of products, partnerships, brands and channels.
  • Riversand stands alone in delivering a solution built on a multi-domain, NoSQL core, enabling advanced customer-level product intelligence and personalized experiences at scale.
  • An intuitive, adaptive, user-friendly UI powers a collaborative workflow across partners and internal teams.
  • Feed commerce and analytics in real-time with no replication of data.
  • Any data, ready whatever comes for your business.
  • Faster business, no server costs.
  • Work smarter, predict the next best action without creating rules.
  • Simpler adoption for customers and partners – app marketplace.
  • Ready for the explosion of data volumes.

Long-Term Value, Delivered Quickly

  • Rapid ROI and Low TCO: A cloud-based solution enables faster implementation and near instantaneous, complimentary upgrades.
  • Phased Implementation: We work with you on a phased implementation so that you can quickly see results in the most business critical areas, without disrupting business as usual.
  • Extensibility: A platform approach allows us to provide you with highly usable, out-of-the-box applications today while working with you to layer on the additional tools you need to succeed tomorrow.
  • Continuous Innovation: Our best-in-class engineering team continues to innovate so that our platform only gets better over time – current roadmap includes tools to enable smarter demand planning, real-time consumer sentiment analysis, better inventory management and faster go-to-markets.

Partnering with Riversand – Now is the time!!!

Partnering with Riversand

Partnering possibilities with Riversand – The “Pie” gets bigger and bigger

Partnering possibilities

Partner Rewards Program

Riversand’s partner ecosystem includes a wide range of System Integrators and Technology partners who enable our clients to meet their MDM objectives. To ensure our strategy of ‘Grow through Partners’ is achieved, we enable our partners through a robust Partner Program. Few of the highlights of Riversand’s partner program include:

  • Opportunity to join the most disruptive MDM solution provider and help clients in achieving Relevance, Trust and Insight on the Master Data.
  • Trainings and certifications on Riversand’s MDM solution.
  • Access to partner portal with a wide range of artifacts including product documentations, product announcements, training system and so on.
  • Opportunity to interact with other partners as part of Partner Day.
  • Regular sync up with Riversand’s Functional and Technical council teams.
  • Joint Sales & Marketing campaigns.

Riversand recognize the professional expertise required to successfully sell, deploy, integrate, and support various solutions to customers via Gold, Silver, and Bronze Rewards.

  • Gold is the highest tier in the program, reserved for highly engaged in Riversand business growth.
  • Silver is the second highest tier in the program and rewards Partners delivering strong performance and alignment.
  • Bronze is the entry tier of the Program. This tier is granted to new Business Partners when joining Riversand network.
Partner Rewards Program

Partner Community

Riversand partners have privileged access to resources and services within the frame of their partnership engagement with Riversand.

  • Demo Setup Access: Partners with their login and password can access the demo setup and access to various functionalities depends on the user’s role authorization.
  • DocPortal Access: Partners with their login and password can access the docportal or via help menu in the demo setup, directly access the docportal without logging into another window.
  • Training Access: Partners with their registered login and password can access the Training Academy and avail various courses for upskilling.
  • Upcoming Events: Partners to view all events details as well as the upcoming events and decide to join the event for network building or for business expansion opportunities.
  • Contact: Any questions or issues regarding Partners Resources please contact us and include your company name and full contact information.